Inspiring children, women and men from the words of her lips and the ink from her pen

«Proverbs 20:15, “Lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.”«

Fashion Designer, Mental Health Advocate, and Spoken Word Artist are just a few ways to describe the multitalented Miss Gold. Born Kezia and formally known as Cassia Gold a Baltimore, Maryland, native now based in Atlanta, Georgia, you will find Miss Gold sharing her life experiences via inspirational speaking engagements, and promoting her two Spoken Word albums as well as her clothing and jewelry company, Paraclete Couture.


Miss Gold began her creative journey at an early age by experimenting with poetry. In 2004, her poetry was birthed into the world as she began to tour venues. In 2005, at the age of 23, Miss Gold was diagnosed as bipolar. Fighting her way through shame and guilt to be a light that penetrates the darkness, Miss Gold manages being bipolar with a recipe that includes writing poetry, music, and sewing.

In 2014, Miss Gold released her second album, “Transition.”Since its release, Miss Gold has received both nominations and awards for her powerful spiritual delivery coupled with raw emotion, delicate phrasing and the mind-bending metaphors that have become her hallmark.

2011 was a defining year for Miss Gold,as she became a full and active member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and began sharing her testimony in various locations such as mental health institutions, crisis intervention trainings, and recovery groups; aiding her healing process and pushing her to step out of her comfort zone. “Now, I see that bipolar is a gift. It broke me, but it fixed me, too…I thought my world was over. But as it turned out, it was only just beginning.” In 2017, NAMI awarded Miss Gold with the prestigious Recovery Advocate of the Year award.

Miss Gold now stands determined, focused, and full of life. She is committed to transforming the stigma around mental illness and finds fulfillment via encouraging others. Miss Gold aspires to travel the globe bringing hope, freedom, strength, and healing to the nations.

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"Miss Gold has presented her personal story blending her heartfelt journey through mental illness with inspirational and intellectual insight."
Lori D. Brickman Mental Health Advocate

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